Important News!!
Phone lines are currently down at Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber and other areas of Franklin County due to equipment damage caused by a fire in an underground manhole in downtown Columbus.
Our contingency plans for loss of phone lines are in place to ensure that care and services are not affected. Currently our networks, internet and other services continue without interruption.
Until the issue is resolved, incoming calls to our main line (614.228.8888) are being forwarded to a cell phone at the front desk of Thurber Tower, which is staffed day and night. If you need to reach a family member in our community, they can arrange that for you. However, the cell phone cannot handle multiple incoming calls at once so please call back if you do not get through the first time.
We’ve been told by AT&T that it may take up to two weeks to regain phone service. Please extend your patience as we work through this time together.
Please feel free to contact us through our main line at 614.228.8888, or fill out the contact form for a community team member to assist you.