Managing Recovery from Surgery, Illness or Injury

Published: November 23, 2020


Three ways to get back to the life you love

The right care management after surgery, illness or injury is vital to regaining your mobility and independence. You need a personalized plan for recovery and well-qualified clinicians to reach your goal.


Here are three ways Ohio Living can help.

 Short-Term Rehab

Ohio Living’s short-term rehab centers offer a private and comfortable environment set apart from the long-term nursing care area. You’ll receive the focused therapy you need in a safe setting with skilled caregivers available around-the-clock. Our team has been extensively trained in caring for adults after hospitalization for neurological diseases, orthopedic surgery, cardiovascular events or other debilitating conditions. With our proven results and years of expertise, we will lead you on the road to recovery.



Home Health

If you don’t need an inpatient stay but cannot easily leave home for outpatient therapy, then home health can be of service. With an order from your physician, physical, occupational and speech therapies can be done in your home by our expert clinicians. They will create a personal care plan, provide regular reports to your physician, assess safety concerns in your home, promote independence with activities of daily living, and support the involvement of your caregivers in your recovery process.



Outpatient Therapy

Ohio Living offers an array of physical, occupational and speech therapy services provided by appointment in many of our life plan communities. Our team of experienced clinicians offer one-on-one treatment sessions with each patient and provide a variety of innovative treatment options to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. Outpatient therapy is available for anyone 18 years of age or older with a physician’s prescription.



We understand you will need a personalized plan for recovery and well-qualified therapists to reach your goal. With our proven results and years of caring and quality service, Ohio Living leads the way in rehabilitation, and will lead you on the road to recovery!logo-always-use