Considering Your Retirement Living Options

Published: March 30, 2021

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When you start considering retirement living options, it’s important to look at what makes certain life plan communities a better fit for you, especially when it comes to your active lifestyle. Four things to keep in mind are: physical health, intellectual growth, spiritual engagement and social connection.


Physical Health
Assessing how a community could contribute to your physical health includes considering the opportunities they provide for you to participate in aerobic activity, preventive screenings and education on strength, balance, nutrition, sleep and stress management.

65% of Ohio Living Llanfair residents are out of their living space two or more times per day and enjoy activities such as fitness classes with YMCA instructors, group exercise classes such as tai chi, balance class and yoga, and an organized walking program on an indoor walking track through the Arthritis Foundation.


Intellectual Growth
Intellectual growth and stimulation is an important part of overall health – consider whether a life plan community provides individual or group settings where you can engage in activities that are complex, new and continually challenging. This could include puzzles, games, computer brain training, video games, learning new languages, dancing and more.

At Ohio Living, 79% of residents participate in group intellectual pursuits, 88% participate in individual pursuits, and 88% are confident in their ability to enhance intellectual activity.


Spiritual Engagement
Spiritual engagement recognizes our search for purpose and meaning, as well as the importance of having a meaningful role and being engaged in productive pursuits. Spirituality can help people cope with worries and grief and can also improve cardiovascular and immune function. Spiritual activities can include being involved in religious or faith-based activities, volunteering for the community and spending time appreciating nature.

58% of Ohio Living residents volunteer their time for the community (a large increase over the national average of 20%). Spiritual engagement at Ohio Living also includes an Advent program, Longest Night, Lenten luncheons, Bible study group classes and services in the onsite chapels in many of our communities.


Social Connection
Research shows that higher levels of social activity are associated with a decreased risk of becoming disabled or depressed. Social connection includes giving and receiving support, as well as contributing one’s skills and talents to the benefit of the community.

Ohio Living provides a number of opportunities to foster social connection, including a monthly breakfast club, happy hours, lunch brunch outings and ladies’ and men’s weekly coffee chats.


At Ohio Living, our residents enjoy a lifestyle focused on all four of these key elements: physical, intellectual, social and spiritual engagement, making Ohio Living a great, well-rounded choice.