Your Immune System: What Does it Do?

When you’re feeling healthy and active, you may not spend much time thinking about your immune system. It’s only when you start to feel a bit under the weather that you might start thinking about your immune system and how to best take care of it.

What does the immune system do exactly? Your immune system works to protect your body from harmful substances, germs and bacteria that could cause you to become ill. This is why it’s so important to take care of your immune system and keep it functioning at its highest capacity.


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5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Here are some natural ways to boost your immune system and keep yourself as healthy as possible this winter:

  1. Consume Healthy Foods. What food helps your immune system? There’s actually a large variety of foods you can consume to help boost your immune system. Foods such as garlic, antioxidants, prebiotics and vitamin-C rich foods can help keep your immune system functioning at its full ability and help keep you healthy overall.
  2. Exercise Regularly. Getting an adequate amount of exercise each week can do wonders for your overall health. Exercise also helps keep your immune system working properly. When you exercise on a regular basis, you’re helping keep yourself in good health and therefore keep your immune system healthy.
  3. Get Enough Sleep Every Night. Research has shown that sleep has powerful effects on how well your immune system functions. When you don’t get enough sleep every night it can negatively impact your immune system, which can increase your risk of falling ill to infections and sicknesses.
  4. Practice Good Hygiene. You can help your immune system remain healthy and functioning fully by taking steps to reduce your exposure to infection. Your first line of defense to staying healthy is by keeping germs and bacteria away through practicing good personal hygiene habits. Doing things such as covering your cough and washing your hands often can help to prevent infection before it begins.
  5. Reduce Your Stress Levels. Research has shown that high stress levels can decrease your body’s lymphocytes, the white blood cells that help fight off infection. This can put your body more at risk for viruses and impact how well your immune system can function. Two natural ways to lower your stress levels are yoga and meditation.


Ohio Living Mount Pleasant Helps You Stay Healthy

When you become a resident at Ohio Living Mount Pleasant you will have ample opportunities to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Through our variety of social and cultural activities and Robert A. Quisno Wellness Center, you will have everything you need to live a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

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